Why More People Are Getting Tattoo Removal For Work?

We previously spoke about considerations for tattoo removal and also looked at two studies into the considerations for tattoo removal. We’ll look into a more specific area: why more people are getting tattoo removal for work.


tattoo removal work 267x300 Why More People Are Getting Tattoo Removal For Work?

More and more people are getting tattoo removal because of work.


There are plenty of people who have tattoos who are intelligent, who are professionals like lawyers, doctors, nurses and accountants. The traditional notion that only criminals, gang members, bikers or social outcasts have tattoos is slowly being eroded away. Having said that, many companies have a strict dress code regarding tattoos and one major factor for tattoo removal is the hesitation of employers to hire people who have tattoos.


Oftentimes, people don’t foresee their career opportunities; for example, a home builder with very visible tattoos who works at the construction yard decides to start his own company. He is now meeting clients every day and having visible tattoos, although no reflection on his ability, may affect whether he can close a deal or not.


tattoo removal work 2 300x220 Why More People Are Getting Tattoo Removal For Work?

Many people who have tattoos are smart and intelligent.


A report from Philly.com shows that people with visible tattoos are struggling to get hired with stricter corporate dress codes. According to another survey conducted by Careerbuilder.com polling human resource managers, the survey shows that 31% of hiring managers will say that having a visible tattoo is the top physical attribute that can limit a prospective candidate in getting the job. With the rise of people getting tattoos, the stigma of tattoos hasn’t waned and so the tattoo removal business has also found increase in revenue. According to The Patient’s Guide, laser tattoo removal procedures increased by 32% and 40%. Those who had tattoo removal stated “employment” as one of their top reasons for tattoo removal. Vault.com conducted a survey, which showed that 85% of respondents think tattoos will affect a candidate’s choice for employment by the employer. In the same survey 53% of people who had tattoos said they use various techniques to conceal tattoos at work.



tattoo removal work female 300x168 Why More People Are Getting Tattoo Removal For Work?

Both men and women have issues with tattoos at work.


Bryan Caplan, an economics professor at George Mason University asked in a blog post for EconLog: “How much would obvious body art, like a facial tattoo, affect one’s lifetime earnings?” There aren’t any studies yet, which answer Caplan’s question; whether tattooed employees earn less at the same position and skill level. Nevertheless, there are many clinics and companies taking this opportunity to reap the benefits of the clash in the more traditional work environment and the rise in individuality and openness in the cultural sphere. Strive is an advocacy group in East Harlem that teaches potential job seekers how to cover up their tattoos using make up. In 2009, celebrity tattoo artist Kat Von D joined with Sephora to create a line of make up aimed at consumers with tattoos to cover up their tattoos.


tattoo removal work 3 300x208 Why More People Are Getting Tattoo Removal For Work?

Many corporations still believe in a strict dress code and candidates may want to seek tattoo removal for visible tattoos.


There seems to be a trend in tattoo removal because of this clash between work and individuality expressed through tattoos. It seems as though people with tattoos are most likely removing visible tattoos as opposed to removing all their tattoos. Tattoos that can be covered conveniently and easily are mainly kept. If you’re applying for a job at the bike shop or at the nearby tattoo parlor then maybe having a tattoo would set you apart but unfortunately if you’re applying to be an investment banker or lawyer, tattoo removal may be the best option for you until the next generation of top professional sporting tattoos become the leaders of tomorrow’s world.




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