Things To Know About Tattoo Cover-Ups

covering up an old tattoo2 Things To Know About Tattoo Cover Ups

An example of a Tattoo Cover-Up of an ex-girlfriend

Relationships come and go — and sometimes that gets even to the best of us. The same can be said for tattoos, where once you may have a tattoo that means the world to you and now you want it removed from your body. Tattoo removals are often easier said than done, and for those who fear the pain or risks of not completely being able to remove the tattoo through laser tattoo removal or other common methods, then you may be interested in having a Tattoo Cover-Up for your old tattoos.

Things to know before covering your tattoo up

A tattoo cover-up basically means that you are inking a new or improvised tattoo design over your existing permanent tattoo you wish to cover. Doing a good cover-up is no easy job, and requires a good tattooist to cover-up your bad ink with your desired design an idea. Bear in mind that there may still be some visible marks of your old tattoo left behind the new one, and this is normal as no tattoo cover-up can 100% overlap the old ink perfectly. Below are some tips that will help make your cover-up job look more like a new professional tattoo rather than a cover-up job.

  • The new tattoo design should be at least 3 or 4 times the size of your old tattoo.
  • The new tattoo cover-up should use an abundance of black ink shading, especially if the old tattoo is inked in really dark colors.
  • The new tattoo cover-up should use a solid design containing lots of coverage. Blank spaces in the tattoo would probably not be tolerable and so typical tribal designs will usually not work.
  • Flash designs normally don’t work well for larger cover-ups, but there are always exceptions. It is customary to draw a custom new design which ensures the old tattoo to be completely covered up.
  • Warm and lighter colors like red, yellow, and orange are usually not the choice of ink for tattoo cover-ups. Cool and darker colors like blue, green, purple are some of the best colored inks used for cover-ups.
  • Patience is needed when it comes to tattoo cover-ups — as it may take a 2nd or 3rd layer of tattooing to completely cover-up your old tattoo if it was inked in dark colors previously.



covering up an old tattoo3 200x300 Things To Know About Tattoo Cover Ups

Even devils can be transformed into a flower tattoo with a good cover-up job

Some Tattoo Designs That Cover Well

  • Animal or mythological creatures that have scales or feathers are a good choice for tattoo cover-ups. Examples include the Asian-style dragons, Japanese Koi Fish, ravens, and American eagles, etc.
  • Large, intricate designs work well too. Examples may include 17th century French ornamental design, the Tang Dynasty Chinese woman hair designs, etc.
  • Dark floral designs with dark leaves are another a good tattoo cover-up design, and works well with covering up unwanted names or banners of an old tattoo.
  • Black atmospheric shading are a great background used for cover-ups. Examples include the classical Chinese and Japanese brush painting, where freedom are given to the tattooist in putting the shades on the tattoo cover-up.


covering up an old tattoo 300x214 Things To Know About Tattoo Cover Ups

An example of where black atmospheric shading and Asian intricate designs are used for tattoo cover-ups

Ready for your Tattoo Cover-Up?

Setup an appointment and consultation session with your tattoo artist. The tattooist will then be able to make a trace or take a digital photo of your old tattoo where he or she can draw the new design on top of your old one. Be sure to convey your thoughts and ideas on how you want your cover-up to be done as each individual tattooist has their own way of solving cover-ups.

Tattoo cover-ups can be a great lower-cost and shorter period alternative to getting a laser tattoo removal. Just make sure you have done the research right, convey your thoughts with the right tattoo artist and picked the right design — after you have done those steps, you are ready to getting your own tattoo cover-up!

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