6 Bad Tattoo Removal Locations

In our previous article, 7 factors determining the success of tattoo removal, we talked about tattoo location being a factor to consider when it comes to tattoo removal. We mentioned that a general rule of thumb is that the more body fat the tattoo location has, the easier the tattoo is to be removed. The reason is that the body relies on the lymphatic system to swallow the broken-down ink. So in general if the location of the tattoo site has less fat, then it will take a longer time for the body to bring around enough fluid and flush away the ink. In this post, we are going to dwell deeper on the 6 bad tattoo locations in terms of tattoo removal.

Some Bad Tattoo Removal Locations

1. Ankle Tattoo

There are both good and bad news about ankle tattoos. The good news is that the ankle as a tattoo location can be easily shown or covered according to your preferences. The bad news, however, is that the ankle is a sensitive location which you will have to endure extra pain should you want the ankle tattoo removed. It also requires a much longer time for it to be completely removed.


 6 Bad Tattoo Removal Locations

An ankle tattoo can be difficult to be removed


2. Hand Tattoo

Hand tattoos are relatively more difficult to be hidden or covered up compared to ankle tattoos because we have to use our hands often and are one of the most physically-exposed areas of our body. The frequent daily use of hands also explains why hand tattoos can fade away more quickly. When it comes to tattoo removal, hand tattoos are not a good location. Normally clinics will give you an estimation of more than 10 laser tattoo removal sessions because this location has a much slower healing rate.


rihanna hand tattoo removal 225x300 6 Bad Tattoo Removal Locations

Rihanna’s hand tattoo… and her small gun tattoo on her sides


3. Finger Tattoo

Rihanna’s finger tattoo of love looks awesome, but it is not that cool when it comes to tattoo removal. The skin of the finger is extremely thin and takes a longer time to heal after a tattoo removal session. Same as hand tattoos, you would expect to take more than 10 sessions.



rihanna finger tattoo removal 292x300 6 Bad Tattoo Removal Locations

Rihanna’s finger tattoo


4. Foot Tattoo

The below “No Regret” tattoo may have turned out to be a good idea back then — but she may regret having the tattoo inked on the foot when she wants to have it removed. Most people usually regret when it comes to feet tattoo removal. A foot tattoo takes a longer time to recover so it is suggested to take this factor into consideration before you ink a foot tattoo.


foot tattoo removal 300x173 6 Bad Tattoo Removal Locations

An example of foot tattoo image


5. Wrist Tattoo

The wrist is a very sensitive area with a thin layer of skin and there are veins on both the inner and outer wrists. During a wrist tattoo removal session, a tattoo removal specialist has to be extremely careful not to damage the veins on the wrist. If you are considering a wrist tattoo removal, you should also expect to endure extra pain during the tat removal sessions.


jessic alba wrist tattoo removal 257x300 6 Bad Tattoo Removal Locations

Jessica Alba’s wrist tattoo


6. Face Tattoo

We have all heard about the story of Eric Hartsburg who wanted to remove Mitt Romney tattoo on his face half year back then. Having an unwanted tattoo on the face is one of the most common reasons when it comes to tattoo removal. There are many reasons on why one may want to remove their tattoos: employment concerns, an ex-partner’s name, etc. Face tattoos are one of the most difficult and bad locations in getting the ink removed as not only do you have to put on cosmetic cover-ups for the partially-removed tattoo during the year-long removal process, but it is also more painful to be removed compared to locations like the lower back, which has more fatty tissues beneath the skin.


girl face tattoos removal 300x286 6 Bad Tattoo Removal Locations

An example of a girl’s face tattoo


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