New Laser For Faster Tattoo Removal!

faster tattoo removal New Laser For Faster Tattoo Removal!

New Laser technology makes tattoo removal become an easier job

According to CNN, one out of every five American citizens has a Tattoo. Some of them are now regretting for having the tattoos as the they’re no longer in sync with their current lifestyle. To resolve this problem, many of them are now opting for tattoo removal. Fortunately, there’s a new laser that can easily remove outdated tattoos very quickly.

For a very long time, tattoo removal was considered to be a very long and painful process. But with the onset of new laser, tattoo removal is nothing more than just a normal experience. As supported by Dr Forney Rutledge, a Dermatologist, one treatment with new laser can remove about 40% of your tattoo within 6 weeks. The number of treatments has also been reduced from what used to be between 8 to 20 treatments to only 5 five treatments with the new laser.


Additionally, tattoo removal is no longer as painful as it used to be in the past. According to Rodriguez – a patient that’s being treated by the new laser, when you go for the treatment, you’ll only be feeling like you’re being tattooed again. He insists that the treatment is not that painful to send chills to those that want to get their tattoo removed.

What actually happens is that the new laser is improved and can break the tattoo into miniature ink particles that are even smaller than the particles in the previous technology. This makes it easier for the body to chew them up before removing them quickly. Some colors that were once said to be complex in the previous technology and hence very difficult to remove, are no-longer considered as a threat with the new laser. These colors include green and blue.

This new laser has been tested on a blue butterfly and a lizard and Dr. Rutledge can note the improvement after the two experiments as recorded in a video. But much is yet to be confirmed from Rodriguez who is still waiting for the six weeks to elapse to see if his tattoo will be completely gone.

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