General Methods of Fading Out Tattoos

There are several methods of fading out tattoos. Some of the most common methods include tattoo removal creams, laser surgery, chemical peels and dermabrasion.

Removal creams

They are extensively being used to fade tattoos and several questions are being raised about their effectiveness because the process seems very easy. These creams are applied on the skin and are absorbed through the pores on the skin. The cream which is applied on the skin then seeps through the pores and break down the pigments of the tattoos and allowing the body’s immune system to remove the smaller pigments and thus precipitating fading. Creams work for some people but not all. This is due to the fact that some individuals have sensitive skin and the others have different types.

Costs for these creams vary but factors such as the size of the tattoo must also be considered. All the methods of fading tattoos do not work instantly, they take some time and creams are no exemption. Creams may take weeks to months to produce visible results. This method is safe; however, it also depends on the skin of an individual. Rushes, redness and allergies may result depending on the skin type.


Fading out tattoo methods 1 General Methods of Fading Out Tattoos

An Oxyfade Tattoo Removal Cream Kit

Chemical peels

They have been utilized in many occasions, for instance, to lighten and rejuvenate skin tone. It has helped some individuals to fade tattoos. The solution is smeared on the skin and a controlled burn is produced, this then make the dead skin cells to peel off and a new skin develops beneath. Some people claim it works but it is not safe. When it comes to this method again, cost will highly depend on the type of tattoo to be removed and the normal time frame is approximately 6 treatments for every 6 to 8 weeks. The safety of this method greatly depends on experience, if you are inexperienced, it may be hazardous.


Fading out tattoo methods 2 General Methods of Fading Out Tattoos

2 Bottles of Glycolic Peel that may be used for fading out tattoos


This method involves surgical scraping of the layers of the skin where the tattoos are situated. This method is very brutal. Bleeding is a normal occurrence during this process and smoking and drinking alcohol are not permitted prior to carrying out the procedure because they enhance bleeding. There are usually no ifs about this method, its effective; however, the drawback is that, it is very expensive. It can cost approximately $1000 or more. The time frame depends on the tattoos but it usually takes between 15 min to 2hours. After the surgery, inflammation is usually very common and permanent scars may result.

Fading out tattoo methods 4 General Methods of Fading Out Tattoos

Tattoo Removal by Dermabrasion

Laser surgery

Laser removal involves the use of laser to remove the inks. It is a highly recommended method and it is very effective. The laser is aimed at the tattoo and the pigments are broken down enabling the body’s immune system to remove the pigments. The price of this method also depends on the size of the tattoo, period of time the tattoo has stayed. This procedure cannot be carried out in a single day and it takes some time for healing to occur. This method is very safe when it is done by an experienced professional because all the necessary precautions will be taken. The side effects encompass redness and scarring which are evident during the procedure.

Fading out tattoo methods 3 General Methods of Fading Out Tattoos

An Example of a Laser Surgery for Tattoo Removal

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