Free Tattoo Removal for Gang Tattoos

gang tattoo 300x249 Free Tattoo Removal for Gang Tattoos

It’s time to put your past behind and get your gang tattoo removed.


Want your Gang Tattoos removed?

If you have gang tattoos and are determined to leave a dark past behind, you should know that you can get them removed. You are probably aware that you will find getting a job almost impossible with a gangland tattoo, doubly so in a tough economy. Many church organizations offer free tattoo removal to those who are turning over a new leaf in their lives.

Clean Slate LA is one such organization. It is located in Los Angeles and offers low-cost or free tattoo removal for ex-gang members who want to turn their lives around. They also provide some job and educational assistance to those who wants to find a new job after getting their visible gang tattoos removed. The costs would be a one-time fee of $50 and 25 hours of community service required for each participant. This is an extremely affordable option if you compare to the normally cost of between $400- $6000 to have a tattoo removed outside of the Clean Slate program. For more information, you may read more at the Clean Slate Tattoo Removal Program.


Clean Slate  Tattoo Removal Program


Another Free Tattoo Removal Resource

With her partner, Dr. Glassberg, Dr. Kane founded the charity Erase the Past in 1997. Young people at risk are able to get unwanted tattoos removed at Kane and Glassberg’s laser clinic for free. Well, not exactly free: for every visit to the clinic the patient is required to perform five hours of community service. This does not mean picking up trash on the side of the road but involves service that teaches. Examples given by the organization include working at the health department to learn more about sexually transmitted diseases or how to become a better parent. More than 4,000 people have been treated by Erase the Past and the program boasts a less than 20% dropout rate.

Dr. Kane comments that 80% of the young people she treats in the program are people of color. She tells us that the good news is many gang tattoos are homemade, and homemade tattoos are usually easier to remove than professional tattoos. She also says that those with homemade tats are “getting complete eradication with minimal scarring.”

Erase the Past has given 4,000 former gang members & youth at-risk tattoo removals

This is a great program that young people who are serious about turning their lives around should consider. You can check out this organization and their success stories at Erase the Past.

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