Emotional Tattoos – Peoples’ emotional connect with the Boston Incident

Boston Themed Tattoos3 300x300 Emotional Tattoos   Peoples emotional connect with the Boston Incident

Boston Incident has triggered a growing number of Emotional Tattoos being inked

Emotions are running high in the whole of America about the Boston Marathon bombings, with various charities and fundraisers being commissioned to raise funds for the ill fated victims. It has been estimated that since April 15th 2013, more than $20 million has been collected as donation to “One Fund”, an initiative started by Massachusetts Governor and Boston’s Mayor.

Citizens are so upset about the bombings, that apart from fund raisers, they have sought to various other means to express their gratitude to their loved ones by etching permanent tattoos on their bodies. Carmen Vanderheiden, the owner of Tataway, a tattoo removal enterprise believes that this trend is very risky and that acts such as these are triggered as an emotional decision which wears off in time. The disapproval with Carmen does seem to have a reason as her business has seen various clients who etch tattoos based on their seasonal bonding, later requesting to take them off. She quotes the example of military guys who usually get rid of their unit representation symbols from time to time.

But it is very intriguing to find what actually fueled this whole concept that has kept the tattoo industry on its heels recently. Few companies like the Brad’s Custom Tattooing plunged into the tide at the right time by offering its clients a variety of logos depicting the Boston incident. It seems they have contributed more than $3000 to the “One Fund” by having an artist who, during his 16 hour long session did various Boston-themed tattoos for hundreds of his customers.


Boston Themed Tattoos2 300x168 Emotional Tattoos   Peoples emotional connect with the Boston Incident

There has been a trend where people are inking permanent Boston-Themed Tattoos onto their bodies to express gratitude to their loved ones

Apart from the array of designs depicted, the exciting discounts have also boosted this new trend. At this special body piercing studio artists in an initiative to contribute to their community have been offering Boston logos for $50 on 20th April. The highlight of this initiative is that the artists have decided to donate all the money collected on that day to the victims.

The popular logos that got inked on a lot of supporters are the ones of the Boston landmarks which were done by graphic designer Aaron who works for Hairpin Communications. He has extended this new tattoo trend on to the T-shirts, apparels and bags which had a “One Heart Boston” design and has been selling like hot cakes from his website, the proceeds of which is contributed to the “One Fund” as well. Aaron feels extremely grateful on seeing the way humans have connected with his design in showing their resolve towards the victims.

With so many positives in front of her, still Carmen Vanderheiden persists on the issue of the seasonal bonding attached with special types of tattoos which enthusiasts must take a serious consideration into. She does seem to have a valid point when she discusses about the difficulties involved in taking them away. She explains how in spite of high tech techniques like the ones in Photo Acoustics, artists find it hard to remove few colors of the skin.

 Emotional Tattoos   Peoples emotional connect with the Boston Incident

A Be Strong Ribbon Boston-Themed Tattoo

But owing to the good heartedness behind this whole initiative, Vanderheiden gives few tips for people who want to emotionally connect with the victims this way, by suggesting to stay away from colors like pink and white while preferring the black and grey for memorial tattoos. She also advices her customers to plan on the placement of the tattoo as it might facilitate them to have it hidden during a party or work place.

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