Celebrity Tattoo Removals – Megan Fox

Celebrities are famous for getting tattoos but like everyone else some regret their choices and opt for tattoo removal. We looked at the celebrity tattoo removal case of Cheryl Cole and now we’re going to take a look at Megan Fox.


megan fox tattoo removal 300x187 Celebrity Tattoo Removals   Megan Fox

Megan Fox has around nine tattoos but has begun the process of laser tattoo removal.

Megan Fox is the star of the first two Transformer movies, Jennifer’s Body and other Hollywood hits. She has also been extremely popular due to her sex appeal, appearing in magazines such as FHM, Maxim and later Esquire, GQ and Allure. Through her portrayal of different roles in movies and magazine photo shoots she has show cased her diverse tattoos ranging from the famous Marilyn Monroe tattoo, tattoos of tribal symbols and poems.


Megan Fox has around nine tattoos including a quote on her shoulder, “We will all laugh at gilded butterflies’, a tribal mark on her left wrist and also a tribute to her Passion Play co-star Mickey Rourke. Megan Fox in an interview with MTV.com said, “Mickey is such a beautiful, wonderful human being. He’s so genuine and so sweet and so talented. I just love him to death. I actually got a tattoo that is sort of in honor of him. It’s on my ribs.” The quote referring to a tattoo on her rib cage, which reads “Those who danced were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”

megan fox tattoo removal1 300x224 Celebrity Tattoo Removals   Megan Fox

Megan Fox two most famous tattoos are quotes and words on her back and rib cage.


In her sexy 2005 photo shoot for FHM, it was revealed she has a tattoo of her then boyfriend (now husband) Brian Austin Green on her lower hip. She was asked what she would do if Brian and her ever broke up and she replied that she would keep it and that she can always name her child Brian.


megan fox tattoo removal2 300x187 Celebrity Tattoo Removals   Megan Fox

Megan Fox showing her tattoo “Brian” on her lower hip. Let’s hope she doesn’t need tattoo removal if Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green break up.


Even with her love of tattoos, Megan Fox has now been in the process of removing her Marilyn Monroe tattoo using a laser tattoo removal procedure. In an interview with Esquire magazine, Megan Fox described her early respect for Marilyn Monroe and her influence on Megan Fox as a role model. However, recently, she has read about Monroe’s difficult life. Megan Fox believed she had all the potential in the world but wasted it because she was unreliable. Fox goes on to compare Marilyn Monroe to Lindsay Lohan. Megan Fox concludes by stating she is “not interested in following in those footsteps.” So now Megan Fox has undergone the process of removing her tattoo of Marilyn Monroe on her right arm. In another interview, Megan Fox reasserts, “I’m removing it. It is a negative character, as she suffered from personality disorders and was bipolar.”

megan fox tattoo removal monroe comparison 224x300 Celebrity Tattoo Removals   Megan Fox

Megan Fox on the left showing a very visible tattoo and her on the right showing a faded tattoo because of tattoo removal.


On the Ellen show with Ellen DeGeneres, Megan Fox again reiterates, “I’ve only done one session on it, but it is incredibly, incredibly painful. Wherever the ink is, the laser hits it and it sort of pops up like little pieces of popcorn and explodes your skin. It’s really awful. So kids, don’t ever get tattoos!” There are now also rumors that she is contemplating removing two other tattoos, one inspired by Mickey Rourke and the quote on her rib cage. Whether these are rumors are true, only time . . . and the paparazzi will tell.

megan fox tattoo removal monroe1 264x300 Celebrity Tattoo Removals   Megan Fox

Megan Fox proudly showing her progress of removing her Monroe tattoo through laser tattoo removal.


Like many other celebrities, Megan Fox seemed passionate and determined that her tattoos would remain with her forever. It isn’t surprising that regret can later creep in upon new knowledge of the tattoo or changes in one’s life. Like with other things, Megan Fox has also gone to regret her navel piercing, saying, “I did it when I was 16-years-old because I was a fan of Britney Spears. The only time I tried to imitate someone else. But then I thought it was tacky and so I removed it when I turned 20.” Unfortunately for Megan Fox, removing a piercing and getting a tattoo removed are two completely different things and with her giving birth recently to her son Noah, she’ll soon be running out of children to name “Brian” if she an Brian Austin Green were ever to break up.

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