Celebrity Tattoo Removal – Cheryl Cole

cheryl cole tattoo hand 300x210 Celebrity Tattoo Removal   Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole contemplating new tattoo or tattoo removal?


Cheryl Cole (aka Cheryl Tweedy) is a British singer and member of girl band Girls Aloud. She has had success with UK Top Ten singles, been a judge on the UK and US versions of X Factor and has been voted as “World’s Sexiest Woman” for FHM in 2009. She also sports numerous tattoos in different styles and different areas of her body.

Although Cheryl Cole has self-professed “I absolutely love my tattoos” a few years ago, she has reportedly said she may want to undergo laser tattoo removal to have a Treble Clef and barb wire tattoo on a her thigh removed. Allegedly Cheryl Cole has decided that these particular tattoos do not fit with her image anymore.


cheryl cole rose tattoo removal 3 Celebrity Tattoo Removal   Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole sporting her new double rose tattoo at her Girls Aloud concert “Ten”.


Cheryl Cole has recently added a tenth new tattoo unveiled at the Girls Aloud reunion concert “Ten” in Newcastle, England in the beginning of 2013. The tattoo is a large depiction of two red roses that covers most of her lower back. When asked about this recent addition, she has again claimed, “If it was up to me . . . and I could be brave for one day, I would have my whole back done. Friends say, “Cheryl, please . . . you might regret it”, but to me, it’s art”. Cheryl Cole again professing her love of tattoos.


cheryl cole feather tattoo removal 4 Celebrity Tattoo Removal   Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole with feather style tattoo in 2011.


The truth of the matter is that previously on the same space of her lower back, was a tattoo design of a butterfly that was first seen in 2005. In 2011 it seemed as if the tattoo image was blurred and was overlapped with a new feather-style tattoo pattern. The new double-rose tattoo is just another addition to cover up the two existing tattoos on her lower back.



cheryl cole butterfly tattoo removal 1 Celebrity Tattoo Removal   Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole showing her first butterfly tattoo.


There are many reasons why people might want to opt for tattoo removal, for Cheryl Cole, it would seem that although she claims she “loves her tattoos”, it is obvious that she has now replaced it with a completely new design. This is called a cover-up and sometimes this is a very common option to use instead of tattoo removal.


cheryl cole mrsc tattoo removal 259x300 Celebrity Tattoo Removal   Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole with her Mrs C Tattoo alleged to want a tattoo removal.


Cheryl Cole was also once married to English footballer Ashley Cole. She inscribed “Mrs C” on to the back of her neck. When asked about her divorce to Ashley Cole in 2010, she replied, “I’m not ashamed of anything. I’ve got nothing to rub away.” It was rumored in the beginning of 2012 that she was contemplating getting “Mrs C” removed. However, in September 2012 she was shown still sporting the tattoo.


cheryl cole mrsc tattoo removal 2 201x300 Celebrity Tattoo Removal   Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole with Tre Holloway in September 2012 still with Mrs C tattoo.


Whatever the motivation for her alleged tattoo removal plans or cover-ups, it goes to show that even the most avid fan of tattoo art can have a change of heart. For Cheryl Cole, it would seem another cover-up of her double rose would be extremely difficult because the inks are so dark in color. Her choices for a new design would be severely limited, unless she decided to cover her entire back in solid black. Any change of heart regarding her rose tattoo would have to result in some form of tattoo removal. That’s why it’s always a good idea to understand about the methods of tattoo removal in order to make a well-informed decision.

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