R20 Laser Tattoo Removal

R-20 laser tattoo removal before and after

A colourful tattoo can probably attract a lot of attention on the street. Yet when it comes to tattoo removal you will need pay a lot of attention in the removal. We have mentioned previously in the Factors Determining the Success of Tattoo Removal that the colour of tattoo is an crucial contributing factor for a […]

Does Tattoo Removal Cream Work?

Are you thinking about having a tattoo removal? Tattooing has been practices for hundreds of years in different countries with different cultures. Modern tattoos used to be considered permanent because tattoo ink is extremely hard to be extracted from the dermis layer of the skin (please refer to the below image). However, due to the advancement […]

Tattoo Removal with Intense Pulsed Light treatment (IPL)


  What is Intense Pulsed Light Treatment (IPL)? Intense pulsed light therapy (IPL) or flash-lamp therapy is another type of non-invasive and non-ablative light treatment that utilizes high intensity pulses of visible light to correct or improve the appearance of our skin problems — or another tattoo removal option for those who prefer less pain than a laser tattoo […]

Celebrity Tattoo Removals – Megan Fox

Megan Fox has around nine tattoos but has begun the process of laser tattoo removal.

Celebrities are famous for getting tattoos but like everyone else some regret their choices and opt for tattoo removal. We looked at the celebrity tattoo removal case of Cheryl Cole and now we’re going to take a look at Megan Fox.   Megan Fox is the star of the first two Transformer movies, Jennifer’s Body […]

11 Questions to Ask Before Getting Your Laser Tattoo Removal


  Just like when you snoop around different tattoo studios and checking out the credentials of the different tattoo artists before you get yourself inked — it’s also equally important that you do the same before getting your bad ink removed. It comes to natural that before committing yourself to a lengthy and highly-expensive tattoo […]

Price and Cost of Laser Tattoo Removal

How much does tattoo removal cost?

How much does a laser tattoo removal cost? This is one of the most asked questions about laser tattoo removal. If you managed to find different answers on the internet but are still dissatisfied and looking for a comprehensive understanding on the cost of having a tattoo removal, it is for sure that you have […]

Laser Tattoo Removal – Understanding Laser


    We tattooers know best when it comes to tattoo regret. We’ve seen and heard it all when it comes to people saying that they want to get their tattoos removed using the laser tattoo removal method. But how many of you actually understands how a laser tattoo removal works? Just because everyone is […]

Learning about the Methods of Tattoo Removal


  There is no doubt when it comes to the popularity of people who ink themselves with tattoos as a way of making a fashion statement or self-expression. An estimated number of 45 million Americans have a tattoo and it is also estimated that at least 10 million of them have at least one tattoo. […]

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