50 Cent Tattoo Removal Reflections

50 cent tattoo removal3 50 Cent Tattoo Removal Reflections

50 cent opting for tattoo removal to improve his image

These days, ink can be found on the bodies of celebrities from the small screen to the catwalk, and to the big screen and the red carpet. However, not all celebrities take heed the advice to pick the right tattoo which they will not regret one day. Therefore, the number of tattoo removal and tattoo regret rises as does the number of celebrities getting tattoos. One of the rappers whose tattoo images are widely recognized and known for their ink is 50 Cent. He was searching for other prospects than being a rap star and he believes that removing his tattoo will improve his image. Since he wants to move his career from rapping to singing and acting, he is having most of the tattoos removed from his body. Laser therapy was 50 Cent tattoo removal choice. Even with all the musical fame and talent, the aspirations of 50 Cent to act are often cut short or he ends up spending more than four hours to cover his tattoos using makeup so as to be able to do a movie scene.

50 cent tattoo removal2 50 Cent Tattoo Removal Reflections

Rapper 50 Cent has “South Side” and a giant number 50 tattooed on his back… and he wants to rid this ink!

Body art in the form of tattoos is practiced by many. The investment that is made in body decoration can be quite big and most people want something that they can have for the rest of their lives. A tattoo is a great way of expressing yourself. You are able to show the world about the thing that are special to you or represent what you believe in. Tattoos are very easy to obtain. All it takes is a spontaneous decision at a tattoo parlor. The tattoo remains imprinted under the skin forever, although it may fade with time or due to sun exposure. Unfortunately, a time may come that you no longer need this tattoo. Because of the numerous changes in one’s life and state of affairs, there are times that a previous display is all of a sudden not wanted. With the help of a tattoo removal service provider, you are able to get rid of the ink and the problems related to it.

There are a number of reasons why you would want to have your tattoo removed either because of work, growing out of the meaning that is behind the tattoo or even embarrassment. The positive aspect of the removal of a tattoo is that you will no longer be burdened with a tattoo that you seriously regret. A little pain or scarring is worth it if the tattoo is inhibiting you from obtaining a job that you desire or is keeping you from achieving the goals that you have set for yourself.

There are a variety of methods of removing a tattoo from home remedies to professional removal. The most effective tattoo removal methods are the laser therapy and the pulse light therapy. These are carried out by professional laser removers. The safe home remedies for tattoo removal include the laser removal and applying a tattoo removal cream. It is not advisable to use tattoo removal methods such as salabration, dermabrasion and tattoo removal bleach as they can result in massive scarring and their effectiveness is questionable.


Get Serious About Your Tattoo – Avoid Tattoo Regret

Dr.Anthony Youn, a well known plastic surgeon in Detroit metropolis, has been happy to share with the online community about some of his experiences he have encountered with people experiencing Tattoo Regret. He has authored a humorous memoir names ‘ In Stitches’ which is about an Asian-American who grows up to become a doctor. Below are some of the recollections he has made about tattoo regrets.

I needed some work to be done in my house for which I interviewed a handyman. What struck me unusual about his appearance was a tattoo in the shape of a tear drop placed at the top of his left cheek. Just out of curiosity I searched online for the significance of such a design and the result left me open mouthed. A tattoo in the shape of a tear drop means that the person has murdered somebody! I didn’t want to take a chance and hired another person for the job. The man could have been completely innocent and have absolutely no clue about the significance of his tattoo.

Nowadays, plastic surgeons and dermatologists have quite a few cases where the people want tattoos removed. The reasons vary and problems with employment is one of them. Surveys have pointed out that tattoo removal has become quite common now.

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) conducted a survey with results that the cases of tattoo removal jumped by 43% from 2011 to 2012. In UK, a recent survey reported that about one-third of people were not happy about their tattoos and wanted them removed.

Styles change very often and many tattoos that were the rage a few years ago are no longer in vogue. For instance, large and elaborate designs on the lower back were very fashionable some time back but today they are referred to a ‘tramp stamps’ making people run to have them removed. Other cases of tattoo regret reported are Chinese letters which mean something quite different from what the wearer thinks or the very common barbed wire on the arms of men. Tattoo fads change with changing times and this is true for celebrities as well as common people.

A recent case that springs to the mind is the faux pas made by famous actor Johnny Depp. He had inscribed his girl friend Winona Ryder’s name as a tattoo on his shoulder, a very visible part of his body. After they broke up he promptly changed it to ‘Wino Forever’ from ‘Winona Forever’.

johnny depp winona forever tattoo 217x300 Get Serious About Your Tattoo   Avoid Tattoo Regret

Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder


johnny depp wino forever tattoo Get Serious About Your Tattoo   Avoid Tattoo Regret

Johnny Depp changing his Winona Forever Tattoo to Wino Forever Tattoo

On an impulse Megan Fox had a huge tattoo of Marilyn Monroe inscribed on her arm. Soon she got tired of it and used laser therapy to have it removed. Typos are common in tattoos as some celebrities found out much to their embarrassment. A spelling mistake in Hayden Panettiere’s tattoo made the entire process seem worthless.

Megan Fox Marilyn Monroe Tattoo 200x300 Get Serious About Your Tattoo   Avoid Tattoo Regret

Megan Fox’s Marilyn Monroe Tattoo on her arm

Apart from tattoo regret and spending to have them removed after sometime, cases of infection have been reported too. If the ink used to inscribe the tattoos is infected, it can cause nontuberculous Mycobacteria. This was reported in an article which appeared in the New England Journal of Medicine recently. Treatment of such kind of infections is not easy and requires antibiotics or removal of the tattoos leaving the skin looking swollen and red for a long time, besides being painful. Some people also have exhibited allergic reactions to tattoos and minor skin infections are very common.

The best and the most effective method used for tattoo removal is laser treatment. If the tattoo is simple, it can be removed easily. The laser rays target the tattoo in such a way that each ray is used for a particular color and the tattoo is removed color by color.

Tattoo removal takes time and even the uncomplicated ones take about three to four sittings. These treatments are usually spaced over a period of 3-4 months and even more. The therapy is quite expensive and may cost several thousand dollars. The cost varies according to the location and size of the tattoo. A large amount of heat is used to remove tattoos and as a result discoloration or scarring of the skin cannot be ruled out. Sometimes a faint outline of the original tattoo remains even after treatment. Most people find the treatment painful and have compared it to being stung by rubber bands.

If you are considering getting a tattoo done using permanent ink, then try and be as careful as you can be to avoid tattoo regret in the future. Get it done from a salon that is licensed and uses only the best quality inks and sterile needles. Ink should be diluted using sterile dilutions only. Be very calculative about the design and location that you choose. Tattoos are quite permanent in nature so don’t get carried away and have a mark of something temporary.

An example of one of my elderly patients will give you a clear picture of tattoo regret. She came to me to remove a tattoo that was on her lower abdomen. The tattoo had been etched when she had been a ripping 20 year old.

So I asked her, “Just how bad is it?”

Very bad.

She pulled down the waist of her pants to reveal the following words, in large lettering: “Dinner is served.”

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