6 Bad Celebrity Tattoos That They Should Remove

We’ve talked about celebrity tattoo removal cases like Cheryl Cole and Megan Fox but here’s a collection of 6 tattoos we think celebrities should remove because they are either bad or just plain stupid.

1. David Beckham


David Beckham tattoo removal 205x300 6 Bad Celebrity Tattoos That They Should Remove

David Beckham showing his Chinese students his tattoo.

David Beckham is famous for all his different tattoos. He’s also the new ambassador of the Chinese Super League. He’s here flaunting his eastern-inspired tattoo to Beijing University students. The Chinese characters read, “Life and death are determined by fate, rank and riches decreed by Heaven.” A little pompous and a little too much? We think he should have this tattoo removed.


2. Christina Ricci

christina ricci tattoo removal 207x300 6 Bad Celebrity Tattoos That They Should Remove

Christina Ricci showing she needs to remove her lion/cloud/ghost tattoo.


Emmy award nominee Christina Ricci’s tattoo is possibly the worst one out there. Her tattoo looks like a lion, or a ghost lion, or wait, maybe it’s a lion in a cloud. Christina Ricci has previously said that she plans to get a larger tattoo after she gets “super famous” because “nobody cares then.” We hope she doesn’t have the same bad ideas. Next she’ll be getting an amalgamation of a unicorn, sunshine and a tree inked by a ten year old. We think Christina Ricci needs to remove the lion tattoo now.


3. Katie Price


katie price tattoo removal 300x200 6 Bad Celebrity Tattoos That They Should Remove

Katie Price shows her poor attempt at tattoo cover ups.

Katie Price or Jordan is a famous glamour model in the UK. She had a crown with “Princess” for her daughter and “Pete” for her now ex-husband Peter Andre inked on her wrist. She then had one of the worst tattoo cover up ideas ever after the divorce with Peter Andre. She went into a tattoo parlor in Ibiza and had the tattoo “Pete” literally crossed out (meaning another “X” tattoo on the other tattoo “Pete”). Why would she think this was a solution? There is zero aesthetic appeal and no Katie, it’s not clever at all. Katie Price should have the whole tattoo removed immediately.



4. Hayden Panettiere


hayden panettiere tattoo removal 300x200 6 Bad Celebrity Tattoos That They Should Remove

Hayden Panettiere showing everyone people should always double check their tattoos.

Hayden Panettiere is best known for her role in Heroes as the cheerleader who can regenerate and heal herself as a super power. Unfortunately her misspelled tattoo won’t be removing itself anytime soon. Her tattoo “Viverse senza rimipianti” is meant to mean, “to live without regrets” in Italian. Unfortunately there’s an extra “i” in her tattoo. She should have paid more attention to spell checking. She might want to remove this tattoo immediately.


5. Nicole Richie


nicole richie tattoo removal 207x300 6 Bad Celebrity Tattoos That They Should Remove

Nicole Richie shows her “virgin” tattoo.

The socialite, star of “The Simple Life” and daughter of singer Lionel Richie is deluding herself with this tattoo. She has the word “virgin” tattooed on inner wrist, faced towards her no less. She explains she got it when she was 16 and young. She is a Virgo and a virgin at the time. A mother of two now, she should really have that tattoo removed.


6. Amanda Seyfried


Amanda Seyfried tattoo removal2 300x232 6 Bad Celebrity Tattoos That They Should Remove

Amanda Seyfried showing her terrible tattoo idea on her foot.

The Mamma Mia actress Amanda Seyfried baffled us all with her tattoo “minge” on her foot. Although it’s very small and on her foot, we are still wondering why she would contemplate getting a tattoo like that. Her explanation is that her co-star on Mamma Mia, Colin Firth said the word and Rachel McDowell had to explain it to Amanda Sefried. Apparently it made her laugh and so she had it tattooed on her foot. Well Amanda, cross-cultural differences aside, it’s not that funny. She should get that tattoo removed.

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