5 Good Tattoo Removal Locations

It was two years ago when Bob was rebellious, naive and eager to try new things. That was when he had his cartoon tattoo inked on his face. It is not hard to predict what is going to happen – one day he regretted having that tattoo. However, we all know it was too late for him to rewind back the time. When it comes to tattoo locations on the body, the ease of removal is an important factor for you to take into consideration before having a tat inked. Previously we have posted an article on 6 Bad Tattoo Removal Locations. When we talk about whether a location is good or bad, two major factors should be considered – how easy a tattoo on that location is to be removed, and how painful the process of laser tattoo treatment on that area is. In this post, we are going to write about 5 Good Tattoo Removal Locations for you to consider.

1. Lower Back Tattoos

Britney Spears is well-known for her tiny little 6-inch fairy tattoo at her lower back.  Many celebrities considered having tattoos inked on this location because lower back is a good flexible location – you can show or hide it very easily according to your own preference by clothing. If you want to show it, you can wear a crop top or a pair of low rise jeans. It matches perfectly well with your trendy clothing. On the other hand, it’s not difficult at all if you want to hide it.

When it comes to tattoo removal, it is also a good location. Due to the thick layer of skin around your lower back, lower back is regarded the easiest location of all for a tattoo removal. The pain you have to endure is smaller and the period it takes for removal is also shorter. Those are undoubtedly the factors you should consider before inking your tattoo.

lower back good tattoo removal locations 200x300 5 Good Tattoo Removal Locations

Lower back is considered a good location for tattoo removal


2. Upper Back Tattoos

Angelina Jolie has an awesome collection of tattoos on her back. One of her famous tattoos is on her upper back, which is a passage of Khumer script prayer. Upper Back Tattoo is also considered easy to remove. Even though the layer of skin at upper back is not as thick as lower back, it is closer to the heart – the blood circulation helps bring broken-down inks away. If you are bored with the norm of having lower back tattoos, upper back as a tattoo location should be on your consider-lists.

angelina jolie upper back tattoo removal 300x297 5 Good Tattoo Removal Locations

Angelina Jolie’s Upper Back Tattoo

3. Upper Chest and Breast Tattoos


Upper chest are famous for both male and female while Breast tattoos are one of the trends for ladies. When it comes to tattoo removal, those two locations are considered easier for removal due to the thick layer of skin and the proximity to heart. As a matter of fact, as breast tends to sag as a woman grows older, many people chose to have their breast tattoos removed in their 30s or 40s.

breast tattoo removal 230x300 5 Good Tattoo Removal Locations

Breast Tattoo is good to be removed before the area sags with age

4. Thigh Tattoos

As most thigh tattoos are hidden under clothing, it is normal that you may not spot them on women (..cough** unless you are a really lucky man!) When it comes to tattoo removal, thigh is also a good location because of the thick layer of skin beneath.

thigh tattoos removal location 205x300 5 Good Tattoo Removal Locations

Thigh tattoos are sexy and easier to remove

5. Upper Arm Tattoos

If you want to find a tattoo location that is easier for removal but a little bit different from what most people pick, upper arm can be a choice for you. Stars like Rihanna and Angelina Jolie had tattoos inked on Upper Arm before (see below image). It is a location that is easy to for you show or hide your tattoo. More importantly, It can be easy to remove.

 5 Good Tattoo Removal Locations

Upper arm tattoo can be stylish and easy to remove


After reading about the 5 good tattoo removal locationsyou should notice that a good location is at the same time closer to the heart and has a thicker layer of skin beneath. Lower back, upper back, chest, breast, thigh and upper arm are the best picks from us considering the ease of and the least pain from tattoo removal. Please keep track of us and we will provide you with the best and up-to-date tattoo removal information.

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