The Best Cover Up – Zombie Boy!

Zombie Boy TheSuiteWorld 237x300 The Best Cover Up   Zombie Boy!

Rick Genest aka Zombie Boy with his tattoos.

Rick Genest or better known as Zombie Boy is a Canadian artist and fashion model. He is famous for his skeletal tattoo all over his body. Let’s check out his tattoos and his amazing tattoo cover up below!


When Rick Genest was a 16 years old he had a brain tumor which was surgically removed. It is often attributed that this was part of the reason for his skeletal tattoos. At 19 years old he went to tattoo artist Frank Lewis to get the majority of his tattoos done. Another reason for his tattoo as Genest says is, “Understanding that the first step to anarchy is defiance; the notion of being alive while dead, is defiance to the very laws of nature itself.”


After he got his tattoos he was join and work in sideshows and freak shows in Canada. Because of his striking appearance it was not long before he was featured in various public blog posts. In 2006 he was introduced as “Skullboy” but Genest stated he preferred the name “Zombie”. Since then he has been featured in Bizarre magazine, TV movie “Carny” and a Facebook page with over a million members. He was also discovered by Nicola Formichetti, Lady Gaga’s fashion director. He then went on to help feature Formichitti’s collection. Because of his tattoos, and urging of Lady Gaga, he was featured in her video “Born this Way”.


zombie boy 300x298 The Best Cover Up   Zombie Boy!

Zombie Boy strutting down the runway with his many fashion appearances.

One of the most amazing cover up examples using makeup products was Genest’s part in the campaign called “Go Beyond the Cover” by Dermablend. In the video Genest appears in front of a camera without his signature tattoos. He then begins to use a cloth to remove the apparent concealer he is using to show his famous skeletal tattoos. He starts with his torso and then moves on to his face. The video then shows the cover up being applied. The campaign was so successful that Genest received a 2 year contract with L’Oreal. He was the first ever male spokesperson for L’Oreal.



zombie boy no tats 300x229 The Best Cover Up   Zombie Boy!

Zombie Boy no longer Zombie Boy with his amazing tattoo removal cover up.

Genest has become extremely popular and has continued his success with appearances for Polish singer Honey in her video Sabotage in early 2012. He has appeared in Comic Con 2012 with his own action figurine and in September 2012 Genest became the face of Jay Z fashion label Rocawear. He continues to make public appearances in to 2013 with cameo roles for the 2013 film Ronin.

zombie boy no tattoos dermablend 02 The Best Cover Up   Zombie Boy!

Zombie Boy reverting back from his tattoo removal cover up.


In terms of tattoo cover ups, this is one of the most striking and unique ways of promoting the Dermablend brand and it shows even with tattoos like Zombie Boy and good application of cover up and foundation can help transform Zombie Boy into a very ordinary looking man. Let’s look at the amazing tattoo removal cover up commercial below.

Tattoo Removal with Infrared Coagulator (IRC)

Tattoo Removal IRC2 200x300 Tattoo Removal with Infrared Coagulator (IRC)

Tattoo Removal methods are sometimes not as black and white as it seems


Like a laser tattoo removal method, an infrared coagulator (IRC) uses light to attack the ink pigment lying inert in the dermis. However, an IRC is not a laser as it uses infrared light to heat the tissue that holds the pigment. A laser attacks the pigment directly by matching the laser wavelength with that of the ink color. Because it uses infrared light, the incidence of collateral tissue damage using an IRC is likely to be higher than that of a true laser.

The treatment procedure is similar to that of lasers. The area to be treated is cleaned and a topical anesthetic is applied to numb the skin. Very short pulses of infrared light are shot at the tattoo. A grid-like approach is used to target the tattoo with untreated spaces left between treated spaces.

After treatment a scab will form and eventually fall off. With the scab some of the ink will be removed. At least three treatments are necessary for small tattoos.

The advantage of IRC treatment is that it attacks all ink colors. It usually requires fewer visits than laser treatment as well. IRC treatment should be cheaper than laser treatment because the equipment costs much less. But there are also downsides to keep in mind. The chance of scarring using an IRC is higher than that of laser treatment, depending on whom you talk to. This is because of the heating of the surrounding tissue rather than just the ink during treatment.


Tattoo Removal IRC1 300x257 Tattoo Removal with Infrared Coagulator (IRC)

IRC Tattoo Removal method may have a higher chance of scarring compared to laser treatment.

The Stats:    

Cost: Several hundred dollars per visit. Three visits are likely to cost up to $ 1,500.

Time: One-month intervals for healing between visits. Three visits, or three months for a small tattoo.

Pain: Similar to laser treatment.

Pros: Possibly cheaper than laser and faster as well.

Cons: Higher risk of scarring.

Guarantee: Unlikely.

Effectiveness: Can be effective for total removal.

Where: Any qualified clinic or dermatologist’s office.

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