Gang Tattoo Removal – Bryon Widner

We’ve spoken in some length in other articles regarding the reasons and motivations for tattoo removal and hard empirical studies into the reasons why people want to have tattoo removal. We’ve even spoken about the “end of history illusion” in which people are less likely to imagine their future selves. A lot of reasons may seem trite in comparison to wanting go have tattoo removal because you were once part of a gang and racist tattoos adorned on your body.

Tattoo removal bryon widner3 Gang Tattoo Removal   Bryon Widner

Before tattoo removal Bryon Widner had gang related tattoos all over his body.

Let’s look at the amazing story of Bryon Widner. Bryon Widner was once a member and the founder of the Vilanders gang of skinhead. Widner was married in 2006 and had a child together. His wife’s children also embraced him as a father. However, although he had made a tremendous effort to change his past behavior with the help and love support of his family, he found it extremely difficult outside his family and skinhead gang to find opportunities for work and acceptance by the general population. He was an outcast in the most common places we usually take for granted like supermarkets.

Deciding to leave the skinhead gang and culture is also a double-edged sword. Having decided to leave, he was put into danger by other gang members seeking harm to him and his family. Widner decided his only way to redemption was to seek laser tattoo removal, which he knew would be an excruciating and agonizing procedure. However, seeking tattoo removal laser surgery was expensive. Widner had no job and not enough cash to pay for it. His wife, Julie reached out to an anti-hate group called One People’s Project for help. Through the group, they found T. J. Leyden a former neo Nazi skinhead. Leyden put Widner in contact with the Southern Poverty Law Center and through an anonymous donor they had enough money to begin the tattoo removal process.

Tattoo removal bryon widner1 300x150 Gang Tattoo Removal   Bryon Widner

The gradual and long process of having tattoo removal through repeated laser tattoo removal surgeries.

Even with the danger of his family and himself Widner decided to be filmed for a documentary. Widner was on the documentary “Erasing Hate”. By going public, Widner explains, “Maybe some angry teenager will realize I wasn’t on any great mission for the white race.  I was just a thug.  If my story can help someone out there, then great.” Through out the whole process, Widner went through 25 agonizing surgeries over 16 months to completely remove his tattoos. When the documentary aired, Widner and his family moved to an undisclosed location to live a normal and happy life. There are many resources for gang tattoo removal. You can check our other post for gang tattoo removal help.

Tattoo removal bryon widner2 300x168 Gang Tattoo Removal   Bryon Widner

Bryon Widner with his love family after his tattoo removal.


R20 Laser Tattoo Removal

A colourful tattoo can probably attract a lot of attention on the street. Yet when it comes to tattoo removal you will need pay a lot of attention in the removal. We have mentioned previously in the Factors Determining the Success of Tattoo Removal that the colour of tattoo is an crucial contributing factor for a successful tat removal. The reason is that different colours of ink absorb different wavelengths of light. It is not difficult to imagine how many different wavelengths of light are needed to remove the sexy tattoo below. Are you thinking about a tattoo removal but are afraid of the long treatments for up to as long as a year? Journal of American Academy Dermatology back in Feb 2012 revealed that new research might bring about a breakthrough in tattoo removal which can significantly reduce the time for the lengthy sessions. In this post, we will write about those new research, including the introduction of the R20 method.

colourful tattoo removal sexy girl 300x250 R20 Laser Tattoo Removal

A colourful tattoo is very difficult to be removed


New technique on laser treatments

Dermatologists are finding ways to enhanced traditional laser tattoo removal method so that it become safer and more effective, according to Dr. Arielle Kauvar, clinical professor of dermatology at New York University School of Medicine in New York City. Even though removing all tattoo colours remain difficult, the new enhancements appear to remove tattoos more effectively with fewer treatment sessions.

One of the new studies, which is called the “R20 method”, attempted to treat a tattoo four times a day with Q-switched YAG laser instead of one single treatment. Each treatment are separate by 20 minutes to allow time for the dissipation of tiny whitening bubbles produced during each session. This method shows a faster removal of the inks without having extra side effects on the tattoo. Another research uses fractional ablative laser together with traditional laser and has half of the tattoo ink removed just in one single session. One more study conducted by Dr. Kauvar is looking into treating a tattoo twice a day with a number of different laser wavelengths to remove different colours. This study has shown increase in effectiveness in getting rid of blue, green, and black colours.


R 20 laser tattoo removal 300x193 R20 Laser Tattoo Removal

R-20 laser tattoo removal before and after

The researches are still at the baby stage but the findings could potentially eliminate the extremely long time needed for a laser tattoo removal. It comes to no surprise that this could bring about savings on cost of having a tat removed, as well as reduce the pain a patient has to suffer. The healing period will also be shortened and the cost of after-care will also be smaller. Those who used to be scared of having a tattoo removal due to time or financial concerns can now re-consider about changing their decisions.

Can those new methods shorten the whole tattoo removal process from as long as years down to months? Time will tell and we will continue to provide you with the most up-to-date information.


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