11 Questions to Ask Before Getting Your Laser Tattoo Removal

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Feel free to ask your laser tattoo removal specialists the questions you want to know!


Just like when you snoop around different tattoo studios and checking out the credentials of the different tattoo artists before you get yourself inked — it’s also equally important that you do the same before getting your bad ink removed. It comes to natural that before committing yourself to a lengthy and highly-expensive tattoo removal process, you would want to know whether laser treatment is the best choice of method for your skin and your tattoo. Based on our experiences and also the feedback from many other tattooers who have gotten their tattoos removed with laser, we have compiled for you below the 11 Questions To Ask Before Getting Your Laser Tattoo Removal.


11 Questions to Ask Before Getting Your Laser Tattoo Removal


1. Can you completely remove this tattoo using lasers?

Right on top of the list will be the key question of whether lasers can completely remove my tattoo. The truth is that many laser tattoo removal specialists will tell you that complete removal of a tattoo will depend on a number of factors, such as skin color, tattoo age, and the location, size, and colors of the tattoo. If most of your tattoo is small in size, in the color black, and located in high body fat areas such as arms, legs, and buttocks, then there would be a higher chance of removing your tattoo completely with laser treatments.


2. How many visits will it take?

By asking this question you would get an overall idea of how long the tattoo removal process will undertake, as well as the costs and pain you would need to endure for the whole process.


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The whole tattoo removal process may range from a few to many visits to your clinic


3. How long would you estimate it would take to get my tattoo completely removed?

If you have asked questions 1 and 2 previously, this questions comes to a natural 3rd as you would want to consult with your laser tattoo removal specialist  in details about the realistic expected duration and outcome.


4. How much will the laser treatment cost?

Laser treatments are costly and they can range from as low as US$99 to US$1000 a session, whereas the median cost per session lies at around US$250. Ultimately, this would depend on the size of your tattoo and the required number of sessions that your tattoo removal consultant suggests on. You would want to also find out whether the laser treatment costs are justified with the credentials of the tattoo removal clinic you have chosen and the area you are living.



5. Do you have any special promotions or treatment package plans?

Despite the non-bargaining factor present in the realms of laser tattoo removal clinics, it doesn’t hurt for you to ask whether they are doing any special promotions or package plans that may help save you a lot of money during the process.


6. Will the lasers in your clinic be able to treat all the colors in my tattoo— including the whites, yellows and greens?

The answer will depend on the availability of the range of lasers the tattoo removal clinic has to offer. If you have a tattoo with a lot of different colors, you may want to know whether your laser tattoo removal specialist have access to lasers that have varying wavelengths suited to remove those colored ink of yours.

7. I have dark skin. What are the risks of permanent pigment change to my skin?

There may be a slight risk of Hypo-pigmentation, where you may experience a permanent lightening at the skin area of your removed tattoo. If you wish to understand more about the potential risks of tattoo removal, you may want to read more about them at our 7 Factors Determining the Success of a Tattoo Removal article.


8. Does your tattoo removal specialist have the right credentials and experience?

This may surprise you but having an inexperienced or non-qualified person to get your tattoo removed may bring you greater risks of infection and possible scarring. You should be looking for someone who has a lot of experience, is a certified laser specialist, and if possible one that has expertise in dermatology.


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Make sure your laser tattoo removal specialist has the right credentials and expertise


9. Does your tattoo removal specialist have any patient testimonials ?

Sometimes words weigh more than paper. Try to find out whether there are any patient testimonials about your tattoo removal specialist as it speaks a lot on the professionalism of that person.


10. What do you recommend in terms of aftercare?

This is a question that you should ask during the laser tattoo removal process, as you will be assuming the main responsibilities for your tattoo removal aftercare. You wouldn’t want any scarring or skin complications to happen do ya?


11. Will my insurance cover this?

The answer is likely to disappoint you. Tattoo removal is considered a “cosmetic” or “elective” medical treatment and is not covered by most insurance policies.

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