10 Reasons Why You Might Want To Remove Your Tattoos

It was summer camp 10 years ago when you and Bob were young, wild, and madly in love with each other. It just sounded like a cool and perfect idea to ink each other’s name onto your wrists. Now you are getting married to Chris and you are eager to remove that tattoo of Bob’s name away from your wrist. Though it may sound trivial to you, it is one of the many reasons why people would want to remove their tattoos which no longer represent any meanings to them. Before you want to get your tattoo removed, you might be interested in seeing this list of the 10 most common reasons why people would want to remove their tattoos from their bodies.

tattoo removal reasons 10 Reasons Why You Might Want To Remove Your Tattoos

Read on to understand some of the most common reasons for Tattoo Removals!

1. A Broken Relationship

One of the most common reasons for tattoo removal are because a relationship has ended, rendering useless the meanings behind an inked tattoo. Many people opt to remove the cursive tattooed names of their past boyfriends or girlfriends as  a sign of moving forward towards a new stage of life, mostly either because of a new relationship or because they wish to drop away their painful memories of their breakups.

2. A New Job or Career

Removing your tats just to get a better career and professional paying job are one of the big reasons for tattoo removal. If  a person happens to have a tattoo inked on their calf or arm sleeves, then it would still be manageable to cover up the tattoo by wearing long pants and a long sleeve shirt. If a person happens to have a tattoo on their hands, necks, or any other highly-visible body areas, then chances are they would need to get the tattoo removed before they would even have a chance of passing the job interviews. A lot of employers still have a strict policy against tattooers nowadays, and it is not uncommon for employers to refuse employment of a person who has exposed tattoos because of the concerns of them hurting their company image and lowering clients’ trust.

So it is common nowadays for many people to rid themselves of their tattoos just for the sake of getting into a professional work environment or even for just maintaining their work position. You might want to get your tattoos removed if you are considering of entering the police or the military as they have severe restrictions on tattoos, for example. it is within the regulations that a tattoo cannot be visible during a military salute. You might want to visit the Army Publishing Directorate for more details.

3. A Change in Lifestyle

Life changes and so does lifestyles and tastes. A really cool band name tattoo that has interested us years ago may now seem a little foolish, or that scary-looking skull you have inked onto your arm no longer aligns with the character and style of who you want to be now. As one moves on through life one may experience a lot of lifestyle changes and this may be also be a common cause of getting that past tattoo of theirs removed.

tattoo removal reasons2 300x243 10 Reasons Why You Might Want To Remove Your Tattoos

A change in lifestyle can cause a person to remove their old tattoos which no longer suits them.

4. A Bad Tattoo Artwork


Have you ever regretted that you have chosen the wrong tattoo artist for your tattoo? The answer is probably yes for many of those who want to get their tattoo removed after they saw that their tattoo artists have either inked a wrong tattoo piece or a bad tattoo art. Did you know that David Beckham has his wife’s name misspelled in Hindi tattooed on his left arm? Bad things can happen to the best of us.

5. Getting Wed

When it comes to weddings, many women get hysterical over the details of it, and this includes clearing up any unwanted tattoos on their skin which may affect their appearance on the day of the wedding. Some tattoo removal physicians say that many women feel that an unmarked skin would look best in a white wedding dress, and so the tattoos would have to go.

6. Fashion Issues

Another common issue for women is that a tattoo would severely inhibit the number of clothing choices that she can wear on a daily basis, especially a tattoo that has lost its meaning and chic over time. Rather than buying and picking clothes that would hide or flaunt a tattoo, some women would choose to remove the tattoo to save the pain of deciding what clothes to wear on a daily basis.

7. Serving as a Role Model

This happens in the later stages of life when people start to have families and children who look up to them as a good role model. A tattoo that expresses hate or violence is something that parents would not want to show to their children. It comes to no surprise that many people would want to have their tattoos removed so to set a good example for their children.

8. Leaving a Criminal Past

People who have been associated with criminal or gangster backgrounds usually have some sort of visible gang tattoos that shout out to others that they play a part of it. It is however over time that these people regret in being part of a gangster group and wishes to have their gang tattoos removed. There are some charity organizations out there that offers free services to those who want their gang tattoos removed. Be sure to check your neighborhood for one of those associations if you want to leave behind your criminal past and rid off your gang tattoos.

tattoo removal reasons4 300x198 10 Reasons Why You Might Want To Remove Your Tattoos

Perhaps it’s a good time to clean up your past by removing your street gang and prison gang tattoos.

9. Being Judged

Although tattoos have become much more common and popular nowadays, there are still a social stigma attached to it in which people associate tattooers negatively with crime and gangs. Although the tattoos may present different meanings for the tattooers, some may find the social pressure of being judged by others every day to be too tiring and opt to have their tattoos removed.

10. Joining A New Religion

Tattoo removals occur when people joins a new religion that expressly forbid them. It is always wise to research and ask around whether your specific religion permits tattooing onto your body as some allow, some are ambiguous  and some restricts it.  Christianity, for example, do frown upon and discourage tattooing as in Leviticus 19:28 points out, Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the LORD. I think the point is made pretty clear here and so religions do play a part for people who consider getting their tattoos removed.


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